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Dental implants have revolutionized
dental implantology

Dental implants have revolutionized dental implantology, offering a safe, long-lasting solution with a high success rate (99%) to replace one or more teeth lost due to disease or severe impaction.

But Dental Implants are more than pieces produced microscopically in a laboratory to restore a smile. They restore chewing function and aesthetics, but they are also the key to recovering your self-esteem and living to the fullest – without fear of smiling!

But, after all, what is a dental implant?

A Dental Implant is nothing more than an artificial titanium root placed into the jaw bone to replace a lost tooth root. They fuse perfectly with the bone, providing a secure and stable base for placing a crown, fixed prosthesis, or bridge.

To ensure the best final result, we only use materials from the Straumann group in our implant procedures, a world-renowned brand with more than 14 million implants placed worldwide.

The quality of the materials, together with the state-of-the-art technology and the experience of our team of dentists make it virtually impossible to distinguish the artificial tooth placed on an implant from a tooth with natural roots.

  • Permanent Solution
  • Natural results
  • More comfort
  • Easier Cleaning
  • More Quality of Life

Types of Implants

Artificial Root for Missing Teeth

The Unitary Implant, as the name indicates, is used to replace a missing tooth, reproducing its aesthetics exactly, but also all its functionality, from chewing to diction itself.

Fixed Teeth in 24 hours

Unlike Single Implants, All-on-Four was specifically developed to be a permanent and fast solution or the total replacement of all the patient’s teeth (upper and lower jaw).

Through a single surgery, All-On-Four allows for the placement of 4 implants (artificial roots) in each arch, on which a fixed prosthesis is then placed. The entire procedure is done in just 24 hours with a provisional fixed dental prosthesis that, after the adaptation period (3 to 6 months), is replaced by a definitive fixed prosthesis.

The concept of Immediate Loading arises from the fact that, in the same surgery, a fixed prosthesis is placed on the implants. This is the main alternative to traditional removable prostheses, offering more security and stability, since the prosthesis is fixed directly to the 4 implants strategically placed on the patient’s bone.

This is a treatment with extensive scientific evidence and highly proven success rates of around 96% to 98%.

All-on-Four Treatment Phases:

  1. Clinical Case Evaluation & Planning
  2. Implant Placement Surgery & Temporary Prosthesis
  3. Implant Placement
  4. Post Surgical Management

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    Can I really have fixed teeth in only 24 hours?

    Yes. The All-on-Four surgery includes the placement of implants, over which we then place the fixed prosthesis, in the same procedure. In other words: after a few hours of surgery, you will leave our Clinic with a renewed smile, and only return months later for the placement of the fixed prosthesis, with the healing process already completed.

    Is the process painful? Do you use general anesthesia?

    You will not feel pain during the implant placement process. We use local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort.

    After the placement of the implants and the temporary prosthesis, you will have a rest period in a room in the Clinic equipped for this purpose, with a television and a facial ice machine to avoid post-surgery swelling.

    You may be accompanied by a friend or relative in the final recovery phase.

    I have diabetes. Can I have the procedure?

    Yes, as long as the disease is controlled the procedure can be done without any problems. Your entire medical history is evaluated at the Evaluation Consultation.

    What is the difference between an implant and a prosthesis?

    The major difference between an implant and a prosthesis is that the implant replaces the root of the tooth, while the prosthesis replaces the visible part of the tooth.

    And after surgery? What maintenance care should I take?

    The maintenance of your implants is similar to the maintenance of your natural teeth. You should carefully brush all sides of the implants 2 to 3 times a day, especially after meals. We also recommend the use of an irrigator and a control visit to our Clinic once a year.

    I am an emigrant. How can I go ahead with the procedure?

    We work every week with Portuguese immigrants who come to us to transform their smiles. We set a treatment period that can coincide with your vacation time in Portugal.

    We regularly work with Portuguese emigrants in the UK, Spain, France, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

    I want to move forward! Do you have payment facilities?

    Yes, we have payment facilities directly with the Clinic. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us through WhatsApp or telephone.