Pediatric Dentistry

Specialized care for
happy little smiles!

Every patient has specific
needs. And with the mini-patients
at our Clinic, it couldn't be

At Ruy Garcia Clinic you will find Specialized Dentists to care for your children’s oral health.

We combine the specialized knowledge in Pediatric Dentistry with the most advanced technology in the market to give the little ones highly personalized care.

Each visit is a quiet, pleasant, and educational experience.

At this Consultation, we will evaluate your child’s oral health and carry out preventive treatments if necessary. But we will also teach them about the importance of daily oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist – all this with a message and language adapted to the different age groups, from babies to children to teenagers.

Pediatric Dentistry allows you to:

  • Prevent the appearance of cavities;
  • Do preventive treatment;
  • Make going to the dentist a positive experience.

Ask for your estimate.

There are no impossibilities. Every smile can be transformed.

Recover your self-esteem and smile with confidence.


    At what age should I take my baby to the dentist?

    As soon as the milk teeth are complete, around 2-3 years of age.

    The first pediatric dentist visit is fundamental to prevent future problems, explain and instill oral hygiene habits, but also to help the child get used to the dentist from an early age, to avoid resistance and/or traumas later on, when other complications arise.

    Cavities in milk teeth. Should I treat them?

    Yes. All cavities should be treated, regardless of whether it is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth. In the case of milk teeth, the evolution of decay is even faster, and therefore treatment should be done as soon as possible.

    Caries, when left untreated, can reach the pulp (the inner part) of the tooth, causing pain and possibly even leading to early tooth extraction. In the case of children, there can be problems with space for the growth of permanent teeth.

    Do children wear braces?

    Yes. Children can wear braces, depending on their Clinical Case.

    Children's braces are often used preventatively, to help widen the palate or develop the jaw. They help prevent future problems and ensure proper growth of the permanent dentition.