Tooth Whitening

Bring back the natural glow of your smile!

The smile is our business card!

And of all the characteristics of our smile, color is the one that has the most impact on our daily lives. It impacts not only our self-esteem but also the way we relate to others.

But over time, it is normal that teeth can go through color changes. Some of the reasons are:

  • Tobacco;
  • Bad oral hygiene;
  • Coffee, red wine, and other pigmented foods;
  • Genetics.

The good news is that it is possible to restore the natural brightness of your smile with safe, minimally invasive procedures. With few consultations and without causing any damage to your teeth. You can do it at home or in our office.

Results that meet your expectations.

If you are looking for immediate results, in-office whitening is the ideal solution for you.

The whole process is quick, taking only 1 to 2 appointments.

Evaluation and Diagnosis

We start by evaluating your smile and mouth, looking for cavities and/or tartar before moving on to the esthetic treatment. If you are in good oral health, we can proceed with the same consultation. Otherwise, complications need to be addressed before the process begins.

Tooth Whitening

The whitening itself consists of placing a whitening product on all the dental parts that will then, exposed to laser light, trigger the process of whitening the smile. Before moving on to light exposure, all the soft tissues in the mouth are protected to avoid injury.

The exposure is done in 15-minute intervals until the desired result is achieved. The entire process is accompanied by one of our Doctors of Dentistry.

In 30 to 45 minutes you will have a white smile! Results upon leaving the Clinic.

Whitening at Home

If you are looking for a more gradual treatment that you can do at home, then outpatient whitening is the solution for you. You can start after two appointments.

Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Moulds

The process also begins with an evaluation of your oral health. If everything is fine, we proceed to the production of molds and impressions that will then be sent to the laboratory to produce your trays: one upper and one lower. It is in these transparent acrylic trays that you will then place the whitening product at home and proceed with the treatment.

Tooth Whitening

In a second appointment, a few days later, you can pick up the trays, which will fit your smile perfectly. You should then wear them for 7 to 15 days, depending on the prescription you are given.

The whole process is simple: just distribute a small amount of the whitening product evenly over the drip and put it on while you sleep. In the morning, take the drip off and brush your teeth normally.

After 5 days, you will start noticing the first results!

Ask for your estimate.

There are no impossibilities. Every smile can be transformed.

Recover your self-esteem and smile with confidence.


    Can anyone have dental bleaching?

    Yes. Anyone over the age of 18 and in good oral health can have a whitening. The treatment is only not recommended for people with extreme dental sensitivity or caries lesions, but the viability of the procedure is always evaluated in a previous consultation, the Evaluation Consultation.

    Does whitening spoil my teeth?

    No, whitening does not ruin or damage teeth. This is the biggest myth associated with teeth whitening. These treatments are safe and minimally invasive, as long as they are prescribed, performed, and monitored by dentists.

    Do I need to do anything before the whitening?

    Yes. We always advise our patients to have a scaling before the whitening, in order to eliminate bacterial plaque and external pigments. During the procedure, we evaluate the existence of caries and other lesions. These, if present, must be treated before the whitening.

    Can I drink coffee after the whitening? What precautions should I take?

    In the first days after the whitening, we advise our patients to avoid more pigmented foods, such as red wine, coffee, or red fruits, since the teeth are more porous and can compromise the shade achieved.

    After the first few days, good daily hygiene - brushing and flossing - is fundamental to maintaining and prolonging the results achieved.

    How long do the results last? Are they forever?

    The results of whitening can last up to 5 years, but everything will depend on the hygiene habits you adopt after the treatment. The effects are not permanent, but it is unlikely that your teeth will return to their natural shade.