Clinical Cases
Clinical Cases
Clinical Cases

“I didn’t like my smile, so I didn’t smile much. The Ruy Garcia Clinic was able to give me back a beautiful smile and my self-esteem. I would like to thank Dr. Ruy Garcia and the whole team for everything they did for me.”

M. S., Porto





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Patient with missing teeth in both jaws and with urgency to recover the aesthetics and aesthetic and masticatory function.

She presented with good overall health, and good bone availability and is therefore eligible for immediately loaded implants.

Main Symptoms

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem


Surgery was then performed to place 4 upper and 4 lower implants with the placement of two fixed provisional prostheses on the same day, which allowed fixed teeth in less than 24h. 

After the healing period and osseointegration of the implants (about 6 months), the patient placed the definitively fixed prostheses.

With this rehabilitation, we were able to give the patient back her smile and self-esteem.

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